Monday, March 4, 2013

Just Another Fool

Just to fill  this empty night,,
I'm too tired and too lazy,,
too brain anything,,
or too figure out something...

I keep on longing,,,
to the things of uncertainty,,
to the uncertain heart,,
to the things that I sure,,
will not be fulfilled,,
that I afraid to face the unfulfilled,,
so I call it uncertainty...

My close friend said I'm a helpless fool,,
I guess I am,,
coz I know,,
I'm just another fool...
yet another fool..

I'm just thinking,,
how much more,,
and how much more,,
should this meaningless,,
this empty,
this stupid,,
this worthless,,
so I called uncertainty will continue..

Yet I don't have any clue,
for how much more,, how much more,,
I'm standing along the time,,
for the uncertainty,,
because I'm just another fool,,
yet another fool

Just come...
a little bit closer,
a little bit closer,,,
just a little bit...
before its stop...

even if it make the hurt,,
just a little..
a little bit more.. 

If that silver moon set,, will it dissappear?
will dream like memories... also scatters?
like rain drop far way...

I hope....
like a wind... it will dissappeared


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