Friday, February 5, 2010

A Strayed Path

In the name of Allah, the Most gracious the Most Merciful..


Is something which controls you

It controls your emotion

Your emotion will control your mind

And your mind will control your action

Many had thought

That their actions are theirs

That they are free to choose what they want

That they are not stuck with any rules

But few had realised

That in reality

They are being possessed

Possessed by their hearts

Causing them to do anything they think 'they' want to do

But in actual fact they are under possession

A possession named desire

It gives them a short-term power

A short-term satisfaction

A short-term happiness

Which caused them to want more and more

Selling themselves to their hearts for desire

Leading them to a strayed path

A path with a terrifying ending

All that's left after the short term gain

Are 'tickets' and hatred from Allah

Their happiness will gone

Their power and satisfaction will fade away

But the 'tickets' will remain

Which they were running and fighting to obtain

The 'tickets' to HELL

Called sins

The Satans will rolling on floor laughing

Seeing the studipity of mankind

The prophet will cry

Seeing how his people had forgotten what he thought

Allah will be mad

Hence sending these fools to the depth of Hell

The strayed path

Have Hells at it's ending

Many types of Hells

Depending on the type of 'tickets' that we bought

An ending which once we had reach the final stage of the path

We can no longer turn back

And we will fall into the pit of despair


"And when they shall be thrown into a narrow place thereof, chained together, they will plead for destruction at that moment"
"(Allah said) Don't plead today for a single destruction, (instead) plead for repeating destructions" (Al-Furqan (25) 13-14)

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