Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I don't no why this night's atmosphere was bringing me to 'A MONTH TO BE REMEMBER'.. So i decide to write about memory in Johore Matriculation College(KMJ).....all this memoir actually occur around the last month,,,month of May..

Registration Day:

11 May 2009..that the correct date of the registration day of new PST student of matriculation session 2009/2010... around 11a.m, I had arrived at the gate that was written 'KOLEJ MATRIKULASI JOHOR Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia'.. It was situated in Tangkak that was very famous 4 its 'Puteri Gng Ledang'..hik3.. After registered myself there, my new life after high school was begun - the life that more harsh, more cruel......but.....fulled with love n friendship

From Perfectly Stranger to Perfect Friend:

Since 11May.. room A3.11, Kolej Kediaman Al-Zahrawi become the 2nd home 4 me... There, I was 'dikurniakan'(actually words 'dkurniakan' terlalu mulia to be written here..hehe) two roommates.. Husna n Faris are the name that was given by their family to them.. Both of them are very very very 'skema+baek/kdg2 poyo' 4 me.hehe

At KMJ, Hayat20 n kuliah3 was my faith..hehe.. Actually, this is my first impression 4 bdak2 hayat20 - senyap,pemalu,poyo giler (kpd bdak2 Hayat20..sowy ea..hehe).. but that only my 1st impression...the absolutely wrong3 impression.. like people said 'tak kenal maka tak cinta'.. after a week I being a member of hayat20, I found that HAYATTWENTYNIANZ (name aq bg utk kowg yg rse2 nye hayat20) was very3 best..... the bestest that I had found after 18yrs on this earth..haha.. hayat20 was successfully told me the true meaning of friendship, cry n laugh,taking n giving...n many more. To danial, hasif(si longkang), firdaus, teng peng hui, yvonne, norliza alwani, farah syazwani, zaidatul eleyza.. thanz to be a very5 good friends to me.. hope our frienship will last 4ever n ever.. does not fade by distance n time.. credit to all hayat20..miss u all so damn!! u'll the best friends ever..

Where The Dilemma Start:

After about four weeks living happilly at KMJ, my parents called me n give a new.......dunno whether it good news or bad news to me. It was a new about official letter from Public Service Department(PSD/JPA). Exactly that letter was about scholarship offer 4 oversea study. I get the offer to continue my study at International Educational Centre(INTEC) UITM in A-level Medical programme. Yes it exactly a good heart doubt about it. The offered mean that I had to leave KMJ 4ever. Actually my soul was strongly at Johore Matriculation College.For the news, first person that I tell was my buddies since high school, Razleena....currently KMJ student. dunno why, my fingers feel want to type a message to her..haha

Why I Shouldn't Leave KMJ:

1. Matriculation is the bestest 'fast track' programme in Malaysia
2.I had already 4weeks in KMJ.
3.My soul was tied to KMJ
4.KMJ had taught me many things.....all about frienship, about live, about........
5.There is 'she'

Teardrops On My Heart - Leaving KMJ:

Although my mouth said that I want to leave KMJ, but my heart doesn't said that way. Different in what mouth are talk n what heart are talked - its me. Dunno why, I make the decision to leave KMJ. The decision make 'teardrops on my heart'.

It was perfectly sad wednesday(3rd June). I walked with fulled of sadness to HEP.....n......sign out from Johore Matriculation College. Now, I'm not a student of KMJ anymore. Before leaving the loving college, I had a sad meet with all the members of Hayat20....maybe it was my last meet with them in my life. A day before 'pertemuan perpisahan', Zaidatul Eleyza,H20nianz gave a chocolate to me. It a symbol of our friendship.


R: ROOT of JOy!..


E: END of SoRROW!..

N: NAME of HOPE!..


MISS U ALL - HAYAT20,KULIAH3......n.......KMJ

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