Thursday, July 9, 2009


Its Registration Again...
Doorstep to a New Lifestyle:

On a perfectly dilemma Sunday,under the brightness sun of 28th June, I had registered myself for the second time in this year. Its not in Johore Matriculation College like in the previous 2month...but its in College Cendana Section6...a residential college for the junior status boy studying at INTEC. In the next day, I had register as a student of International Educational Centre(INTEC) UITM Kampus Seksyen17, Shah Alam. Till this day, I still not believe that I'm now the student of INTEC in the course A-level Medicine.

A Little Bit About INTEC:

International Education Centre knownly INTEC UITM actually is the place where all its students had a bond with oversea universities. Mostly student of INTEC is the one who had receive sponsorship from PETRONAS, Bank Negara, Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia, JPA and also MARA. Although INTEC is one of the UITM campus, but its is open to all the pupil without consider the race or nationality. In fact the number of non-bumi here is much much much more than bumi. Malays is only the minority at this very3 competitive place. Basically, INTEC offering a numbers of courses. There are American Degree Foundation Program(ADFP), Russia, Japan, Korea, France and Middle East Short Programme, Australia Matriculation, A-Level Germany, A-Level UK, and also the 'cruel' course that I'm taking now.... A-Level Medicine.

A Story Teller......
Hardship Beginning:

Now I'm already around 3weeks in my new faith. The faith that perfectly more cruel, more harsh, more competitive and complicated,.....and......with more strangers, I guess. Its absolutely 'open war' in my new faith, faith in in in College Cendana... Its a war about life, a war about honour n a war that definitely test your bright minded. Although I'm already 3weeks here, I'm still feel the diffuculties in many ways. Yup, its so challenging to be here...but its my I will try to adapt myself at this stranger 'harsh' place with feel...feel of happiness and colourful of live,friendship,dedicated........likes the past at KMJ. DO NOT BE SAD.....ALLAH WITH US

Struggle Lead To Fun!!!!

Yup! Finally after 30days at this reality, I can feel that the fun is come.......but,its in 'unique' way. The way that I never consider it as fun before. Yeah, like the students of INTEC (except me,huhu) always said, 'PHYSICS is FUN.........BIOLOGY is FUN..........CHEMISTRY is FUN' Study is all about fun,,,,,,n,,,,,,,,fun is all about study!!!!!(I disagree about that)

Usually, after I had to hear the long long lectured and my neurons feel like its' myline sheath was gone, I will take the RapidKL and then missing myself in the crowd of crowded people at Plaza Alam Sentral, SACC, Mid Valley and Times Square. To distress..............people said. To find the fun actually..haha...

But, when I mixed up more closely with my faith friends(10M1)...I learned the other cornotation of what we called 'fun'. 10M1 and many of the INTEC students had teached me indirectly the truth meaning of fun (meaning of their 'fun' actually,hehe).........the meaning that are far away from my ancient understanding of fun. They teached that the challenges....the struggle....the war to gain as much knowledge as can is the real fun. And u will feel the peak of the fun is much much higher and wonderful than the peak of the world when you can absorb whatever challenges that come.....when you excel after you struggle to the last point.........and when you win the "war"!!!

Yes, struggle lead to fun. After 1months we all be passive and lazy during the class,, unfortunately our lectures changes their style..from slow and steady to harsh and cruel!!! A lots of assignments we needed to finish in short period......that truthly study...... but there is a hide meanings of that lot lot assignments..Unbelievable, the assignments that are more suitable to give to the ASIMO had successfully made we all sit together(that definitely not occurs at the 10M1 before this). Thanz to that assignments and heartless lectures because their combination had form a new type of bond in really silent 10M1. That was 'friendship bond',the strongest bond in this world.......more more stronger than ionic bond........ And this strongest bond was formed from the combination of heartless lectures and billions of assignments!!!!!! Struggle truthly lead to the fun!!!



  1. Salam,
    Semoga kamu cemerlang dalam perjuangan meraih ilmu pengetahuan.

  2. salam alaik~
    intec? almec new member. hehe
    Slamat berjuang kat intec yea! And dont waste even a drop of memory in Intec. Give an all out! all d best~ =)


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