Sunday, October 25, 2009

'Hoedown Throwdown' Dance

In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious The Most Merciful..

Had a story, don't know whether its nice, very nice or not nice at all..
Its ko-PLN (kokurikulum pelajar luar negara) time.
don't know what to do to fill the precious 2hours....
an order from Mr Ridhuan, ko-pln lecture strikes to me..
something 'weird' order.....grrr...

Mr.R : Alright class. This time we do the country side American dance.. you lead..
Me : Hahhhh?? Me??? Why me???
Mr.R: Of coz you lead.. You're the most 'slumber' (said with joking tone) right?. ALM must lead!!
Me : hmmmmm....ok, ALM must lead..(answer insincerely), what need I do sir?
Mr.R : We do like the Americans..HOEDOWN THROWDOWN!!!
Me : grrrrrrrrrr.......that was not Americans' dance.. That Miley Cyrus' style..fuhhhhhhhh

"1, 2, 3,!!
Everybody come on, off your seats
I'm gonna tell you about a beat
That gonna make you move your feet

I'll give the BBQ
show and tell you how to move
If you're 5 or 82

this is something you can do"

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