Monday, January 2, 2012


In the name of ALLAH the Most Gracious the Most Merciful.

Hi readers.. hopefully all in top of their health..bajet macam ada orang baca je..ok..the first post for 2012..not too late to wish all of you happy new years!! keep whatever happen in 2011 in your diary or seal it in your memory. Let start of something new.

No need to summarize all kind of things in 2011...just a waste..what I can said, nothing big happen for the last year, its just more to playing around with emotion and building a character towards emotionless and immortal human.....and you know what, this year i'm going to 21....not officially 21 YEARS OLD!!....oppsss...rasa macam dah tua..bukan dah tua mencecah umur baligh politik...dah layak mengundi tahu tak!!..haha.. Years by years seem rapidly change.. Time and tide wait for no man... Rasa macam baru semalam je aku nangis2 sebab tak nak masuk darjah 1....................ok..yang ni serius tipu.(__!)

Semperna 2012 ni..nak buat azam baru tak?? If korang nak buat,, baguslah...semoga korang lebih bersemangat dalam menempuh dunia yang penuh dengan cabaran dan dugaan yang datang dari setiap sudut.....but for me personally,,tak perlu la nak azam2 segala...all of those determinations if only on the paper, not in your deep heart core lastly will end up as rubbish..nothing more than that....... nampak sangat perngai teruk..ishhh...

Whatever is it, just pray 2012 and upcoming years will be much better and always in ALLAH's bless.

Ok gals,, that all for 1st post in this year,,hope u enjoys ur life in correct way...for all the siswa-siswi of IPTA in Malaysia,, gud luck for your final exam,,, kalau ada IPTS yang dah nak exam pun gud luck jugak.. and for kids out there,,selamat menamatkan cuti perekolahan anda.

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