Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Help. They're Ours

December 27th - January 18th

this post is from Adilah Darmawi (UCD Ireland Student)

Marks the first anniversary of the unspeakable brutality committed by the Zionist regime of Israel against the people of Gaza.
For over 22 days, Israel dropped bombs, white phosphorous, used airplanes, helicopters, navy ships, tanks, bulldozers and heavily armed soldiers against a defenseless people. (well, it actually doesn't just started at that time. The suffers had continued since 60 years ago,but last years event was the most remarkable one)

1,400 dead,
5,000 injured,
20,000 homeless
50,000 displaced.

Schools, hospitals, universities, ministries, homes, shops - nothing was spared. The people of Gaza were simply bombed to death.

All around the world civil societies are marking the first anniversary of this cowardly and genocidal crime and Viva Palestina Malaysia (formerly COMPLETE) calls on all Malaysians to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people by doing the following:

1. Display the Palestinian scarf on 27th December everywhere you go. Drape it around yourself, tie it to your bag, display it in your car. Just let it be seen.

2. Boycott the following companies, supporters of the Zionist regime of Israel, from 27th December to 18th January - Nestle, McDonald's, Coke and Loreal. Do not buy any of their products!(yes, we can make a different. If everyone plays their role..inshaAlla
h. Allah's willing.)

3. Observe one minute of silence at exactly 12 noon on 27th December. Turn this silence into a deafening roar against the injustice suffered by the Palestinians.
(one minute is a bit short. i think. If we can accomplish the earth hour very well, why don't accomplish this as well.=)

Those in Malaysia:

It is highly encouraged that you get together with family and friends on 27th December. Do take pictures and videos of your activities and email them to We will be posting them on our website and Facebook. Viva Palestina Malaysia members and volunteers will be at the open court of Mid Valley Shopping Mall at 11 am on 27th December. Do join us.

Gaza is still under a blockade. The attack gave the Palestinian struggle a global dimension and civil societies all around the world are stepping in to bring about a change. In the words of Abraham Joshua Heschel,

"Few are guilty, but all are responsible."

Please circulate this email far and wide. Lets get together and remember a people long forgotten by the rest of the world.

For more information do contact the following


From Me:

*well, this is a good start for us to help our Muslim families in Palestine. Even this event doesn't seem to bring much different, at least it is SOMETHING. And not to forget, i'm reminding myself and friends, be istiqamah (consistent) in what we're doing. If we've start boycotting, continue boycotting. NO TURNING BACK.

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